About Me

James Hastings is a 20-year-old Filmmaker from Hampshire, UK and has been making films since the age of 11. At the age of 13, he set up his own independent production company ‘Hastings Infinity Films’ with the aim of expressing his creativity and passion for storytelling to the world. He spends every sparing moment; learning, perfecting and falling in love with the craft. Since the early beginnings of his journey, he has directed his first Kickstarter funded feature film which is now available on Amazon Prime and many short films available online...


Film is the one thing that captures the beauty and horrors of life in a way even reality cannot.


"To live, One must have a story. To have a story, One must LIVE"


Set in the spring of 1963, 'Lucy', an aspiring writer is taken away in the middle of the night to a mysterious visitors facility in Heaven. There, she is reunited with her grandfather and reminded to pursue her dreams.

Directed by James Hastings

Starring Emily Highams, Jestyn Phillips, Tunji Falana, Elaine Caulfield, Dale Rapley, Michael Grinter, Peter Pearson and Bruce Panday.



A motivational dramedy featuring a man who is told that he has only 30 days left to live. He sets out on a journey of redemption that takes him to the furthest reaches of Britain as he searches for the five people he has wronged the most. Raymond's voyage of self-discovery entangles him in the lives of others, leading him to question his own life. Friends, family and an unexpected social media sensation leads Raymond in a direction that he could hardly have dreamed.


James Hastings

Email: hastingsinfinityfilms@gmail.com