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an incredible discovery emerges with every film I do ... a reminder of my love for cinematic storytelling"

Writer / Director

British filmmaker, James Hastings has spent the last 8 years falling in love with cinema. From making his first film on an old camera phone to directing a Kickstarter funded feature film Raymond's 5 (available on Amazon Prime), James continues to pursue his passion for telling uplifting stories. James has written and directed a number of short films including Beyond the Cosmos (2017) and his most recent film Off the Coast (2019). His cinematic odyssey has only just begun and his enthusiasm for filmmaking will only continue to prosper.

The early beginnings of his cinematic voyage began with his first viewing of 'Schindler's List' (1993) in school and being completely astonished by the realism and cinematic tone of the film, which led to the discovery of Steven Spielberg, an enormous influencer in James' work. From this discovery blossomed his love for cinema and the birth of Hastings Infinity Films, and ever since James has devoted his life to filmmaking. Starting out making hundreds of short movies with a cheap camera and mostly just himself as both cast and crew, with occasional help from family and friends, James was developing, understanding and perfecting the craft. At the age of 15, James threw himself into the deep end and wrote/directed a 1 hour psychological thriller entitled 'White Dreams' with a total cast and crew averaging around 100 people. 'Making that film, at such a young age, being surrounded and confronted with daily problems with the need for quick solutions was a huge learning curve and in my eyes it was the best film school you could ever have'. James continued to direct his own films, expanding his cast, crew and his experiences widened; including a trip to Cannes to showcase his short film 'The Distance (2016) and a few days filming a short in Iceland. In 2016, James raised funds through Kickstarter for his first feature film 'Raymond's 5'. A 30 day shoot, a cast of around 40, and a very small crew of 3-5. A film premiere was held at an Odeon Cinema and the film is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

In 2019, James completed filming on his latest short film 'Off the Coast' which is currently on the festival circuit and will be released next year.

James is now currently in early stages on a number of exciting project including a short film centring on the troubled memories of a magician and his next feature film...

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Hastings Infinity Films is a British Independent Production Company. Founded by Writer/Director James Hastings.

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