James Hastings - Filmmaker, Writer, Director

Writer / Director

British filmmaker, James Hastings has spent the last 9 years falling in love with cinema. From making his first short film, shot in the back garden on a camera phone, to directing the Kickstarter-funded feature film Raymond's 5 (Amazon Prime), James continues to pursue his passion for telling compelling stories. James has written and directed a variety of short films including Beyond the Cosmos (2017), Off the Coast (2019) and his most recent short film Slightly Red Handed (2021). He is now embarking on his next feature film, Jim's Private War, a coming of age drama set in WW2.

The early beginnings of James' filmmaking journey began with his first and only viewing of Schindler's List (1993) in school. Overwhelmed by its realism, James noticed the emotional impact cinema can have on an audience. Movies are such a huge part of our lives, not only do they entertain us, but they serve as lessons in life, helping us understand the past, study the present and dream of the future. 


From the discovery of Steven Spielberg, an enormous influencer in James' work, this catalyst paved the way for his love for cinema and inspired the birth of Hastings Infinity Films.


Starting out in his early teens, making one hundred short films with a DSLR camera in his house and back garden, primarily working as his own cast and crew, with the occasional help from family and friends, James developed an invaluable understanding of the filmmaking craft. At the age of 15, he threw himself into the deep end and directed a 1 hour psychological thriller entitled White Dreams (2015) with a total cast and crew of around 100 people.

Selling out a local Odeon cinema for a one night only screening, he used his profits to fund his next short film. Making White Dreams at such a young age and being confronted with challenging problems on set served as what he likes to call the best film school he could ever have. A big believer in the phrase 'Just do it', James thrives on his enthusiasm to go out, stop sitting around and make things happen.


As James' passion continued to prosper, he directed a number of short films during his teens including Men of Justice (2017), Beyond the Cosmos (2017) and Off the Coast (2019), expanding his cast and crew and gaining new experiences, including a trip to Cannes to showcase his short film The Distance (2016) and shooting the short film Make it Stop! (2017) in Iceland. In 2016, James raised funds through Kickstarter for his first feature film Raymond's 5 (2017). A thirty day shoot and a cast of around 40, with a small crew of 3-5, the film went on to screen at VUE cinema and was available to stream on Amazon Prime.

James recently completed his latest Western-style short film Slightly Red Handed, to be released online later this year. He is currently in development for his next feature film 'Jim's Private War', a heart-warming true story of the childhood of a boy growing up during the Second World War and his fearless determination to build and fly his own plane with the intention of killing Hitler!

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