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During a conversation with his psychiatrist, Elliot, an aspiring jazz musician suffering from social anxiety, learns to find his place in the world through music.

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The heroic true story of Jim Stoodley, a 14 year old boy growing up in the Second World War and his fearless determination to build his own aircraft with the intention of flying to Berlin and single-handedly taking on Hitler.

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Out in the Wild West, a retired magician is confronted one stormy night by an anxious priest in search of a miracle, but once a confession is made, tensions surface.

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Set in the spring of 1963, 'Lucy', an aspiring writer is taken away in the middle of the night to a mysterious visitors' facility in Heaven. There, she is reunited with her grandfather and reminded to pursue her dreams.

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December 1981. After a young boy's passing, a mysterious light leads the boy's sister into the woods. There, she finds an enigmatic man living in a rotting caravan, obsessed with the extra-terrestrial. 

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Raymond's 5 is the uplifting story of a middle aged man, who has recently been told his cancer has given him only 30 days left to live. Raymond sets out on a voyage of self discovery around the country aiming to gain the forgiveness of the 5 people he had wronged the most in his life.

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An experimental film about a man's desperate search for something beyond his own suicidal thoughts.

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A troubled teenager lost in the chaos of his own dysfunctional family, has a brief encounter one evening with a strange group of men offering a chance for Justice.

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An aspiring athlete heads to the local track to train for a race with big prize money needed to help his dying mother, but his strict new coach wont let his feelings get in the way of success.

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Jason, an anxious chef with recurring nightmares, seeks the medical attention of a curious doctor, who prescribes him with new addictive pills. Soon enough, Jason gets caught up in a whirlwind of delusions that lead to the invisible line of what is a dream and what's reality.

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