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Slightly Red Handed At Birmingham Film Festival

James Hastings and Adam Tucker at Birmingham Film Festival
Adam Tucker & James Hastings attending the Festival

On Thursday 25th November James Hastings and leading actor Adam Tucker showcased their short film 'Slightly Red Handed' to an audience at the Birmingham Film Festival.

The film was nominated for Best Short Film, Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. The film received a positive response from the festival attendees and other nominated filmmakers.

Slightly Red Handed Short Film Festivals
Slightly Red Handed Selected Festivals

"It was super exciting to see our film up on a huge IMAX sized screen, especially with an audience. One of the biggest issues releasing your film online, is you miss the collective cinema experience, so being able to watch the film in a dark room, through projected light on a large screen was truly special. We are very grateful to be included in a festival with such talented filmmakers and their amazing films".

Head to the Birmingham Film Festival to find out more info:


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