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As the world opens up fresh from a Global pandemic, it's time to make an impact. Our lives are connected through screens, so what better way to reach an audience than with a compelling video.

Do you need an engaging video to capture your event? Perhaps you need snappy visual content to attract customers? Or maybe you'd like an imaginative music video for your latest song?

If so, get in touch if you need anything filmed and/or edited. 🎥 🎬

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

My latest short film ‘Slightly Red Handed’ is out now.

Yes, COVID won't stop me from making films - and this time it's a Western I shot in my garden shed. (Keeping to the government guidelines, of course!)

Huge thanks to the Cast and Crew for which this wouldn’t be possible.

The film is currently being entered to film festivals in the UK.


'Out in the Wild West, a retired magician is confronted one stormy night by an anxious priest in search of a miracle, but once a confession is made, tensions surface'.


Written & Directed by James Hastings

Cast: Wayne Reid, Adam Tucker, Katie McKenna

Band: James Burgon, Sophie Hastings, Archie Combe, Jacob Clay

Cinematographer: Amber Tunstall

Sound by Luke Bryan

Music by Sophie Hastings & James Burgon

Music Mixing by Joram Hughes

Special Thanks: Addam Cunniffe, Maite Alverado, Roy Hastings

Directed by Ben Ashton.

Director of Photography by James Hastings.

The short film won the Audience Award earlier this year at The People’s Film Festival.

Check out Ben's interview with Kino London where he talks about how the idea came about and how the film was made!

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